Facial Room

Ear Cleaning    采耳

Stimulates the nerves and the acupuncture points insidethe ear.Helps liver and kidney functioning and to prevent middle-ear inflammation.


RM 33 

Mini Facial      基本脸部护理

Rehydrating & Lightening & Firming collagen mask.


Gentle to all skin type.provide lightening and hydrating to skin.increase skin moisture level and anti aging

RM 60 

Cooling Eye Treatment     果冻眼部护理

For eye wrinkle,Dark eye ring,Eye bag. 


RM 68 

Fruity Floral Facial        清新果香脸部护理

Facial mask (MILK)


Help lighten skin tone and reduce dark sports.moisturing,smoothing and softening skin texture.reduce skin fine lines and wrinkles.leaves to you a fairer and brighter looking instanly. 

RM 88 

Collagen Eye Treatment    胶原蛋白眼部护理

For eye wrinkle,Dark eye ring.Eye puflines,Eye bag,Eye lifting,Eye oil seed,Eye lightening 


RM 98 

Ear Candle   耳烛


Canal nerve stimulation, acupuncture, and can adjust the internal organs, but also to the eardrum can be prevented inflammation.

RM 98 

Hydrating Treatment       保湿护理

Yogurt Powder Mask


Lightening,moisturing and rejuvenating.

RM 118 

Soothing Treatment      镇静舒缓护理

Calming & Rehydrating collagen Mask


Provide the moisturing to skin.Calm down the skin uncomfortable conditions.smoothen and soften the skin texture. 

RM 128 

Body Mask    全身护理

  • Larender
  • Moisturize and smooth the body skin
  • Keep the suppleness,firness and sofleness to the body skin 
  • lighten and brighten skin tone

RM 128 

Aromatherapy Facial Treatment       脸部香薰护理

Peppermint Mask     薄荷面膜

For soothing,calming & oily skin.    镇定抗氧及舒缓作用。

RM 138 

Full body scrub      全身磨砂

  • Larender
  • Moisturize and smooth the body skin
  • Keep the suppleness,firness and sofleness to the body skin
  • Lighten and brighten skin tone 

RM 160 

Oxygen treatment     美白护理

Beans Mask.       红黄绿豆面膜

Deep clean,clean skin,proride moisturizing to skin. 


RM 168 

Multi vitamin Treatment    复合营养护理

Black Mud Mask     黑泥面膜

Lightening & reduce skin spot and darkness. 


RM 228 

Gold Rejurenating Treatment      金箔紧致修复护理

Gold series    纯金

the pure 24k gold enriched skin care,intensive faster results,instanly improve skin's suppleness & elasticity,

effectirely minimize fine lines & wrinkles appears smoother brighter & youthful skin to you. 


RM 250 

Renew Radiance Treatment    滋养美容护理

GREY MUD MASK     灰泥面膜

For oily skin,anti-blemishes,reduce blackhead    


RM 360 

Youthful Vitality Treatment      修复美容护理

Placenta Mask    类羊胎素面膜

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines.   去皱纹,细纹,抗老化。

RM 390