Welcome to Bond spa,The most established spa since november 2006.Since its inception,We emerged as the most popular spa in malaysia.The explosive growth is due to it's constant and never ending improvements on the spa facilities and services.

      Yet our prices are reasonable and affordable,So whether you are lonely or on top of the world,You are welcome to pay in a visit or give us a call for a memorable day and night.

      We shall strive hard to uphold our principles and improve on the features of the spa. 


1.Provide excellent,Quality and profesional service.

2.Ensure customer get value for money services.

3.Long term business through satisfied loyal customers.

4.Creating more and new services.

Constant and never ending improvements on facilities and services is our philosophy and priciples.

 Features of the spa

1.Enjoying food and drink as much as you can in the spa cafe/coffee house.(free of charge)